Move the slider left or right for adjusting transparency of map layers.
Type District Name in Search Box.
  1. Navigation Panel :: Step 1

    You can browse different pages by clicking each button on navigation bar.

  2. Map Legend :: Step 2

    You can click on individual checkbox for turning on/off map Layers.
    Sliders are used for adjusting transparency.

  3. Search Panel:: Step 3

    Start typing a name of any district. System will automatically pop up similar name. Click on one of the names from dropdown. Click Search button for zooming-in to the selected city.

  4. Buffer:: Step 4

    Click on Buffer Button and then click on map. It will create three buffers showing 5,10 and 15 KM radius.

  5. Extent:: Step 5

    Click on Full Extent button to go back to the initial extent.

  6. Measurement:: Step 6

    Click on Measurement Button. There are three different options for calculating area, distance and getting lattitude and longitude of a particular location.

  7. Basemaps:: Step 7

    Click on Basemaps button. select any map of your choice.

  8. Map:: Step 8

    Main Map

  9. User Location:: Step 9

    Zoom in map to current user location.